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Stark Raving Entrepreneurs with Terry Brock and Gina Carr

May 26, 2023

It is said that Thomas Edison said success is not about Inspiration but about Perspiration. However, today it is something else. 

Not Inspiration or Perspiration but really it is about something else in our day of thinking. 

This episode will be inspiring and educational as you discover what we Entrepreneurs need to...

May 19, 2023

This blew me away!

Here’s an experience I had this past week while driving to some meetings in Atlanta. We stopped by the Buc-ee’s rest stop in Warner-Robins, Georgia and I had a wonderful experience that I want to share with you. 

It has some great potential for you in your business. It can relate to what our world...

May 12, 2023

Do you know the brutal truth about what really works with AI?

It is probably not what you are thinking. AI has some enormous power that goes beyond what most people use.

The brutal truth of it is that this holds some amazing possibilities for those who can us AI in creative, business-building ways. Join us for this...

May 5, 2023

Is AI - Fake or Real? What should a CEO do about AI and keeping it real and not fake? 

How can you use AI and still be real, not fake? How can you humanize the virtual experience more? 

In this episode you get a chance to see what the challenges are and how you can work to make sure you are real and still use AI without...

Apr 28, 2023

AI, Artificial Intelligence, has a lot of potential for us Entrepreneurs to market and build our business. In this episode you’ll discover some power secrets that not everyone knows. This will help you, like other Entrepreneurs, to reach more prospects and customers. It will also help you be more productive.